SWS at Goding
Fall Community Giving Campaign
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Support our school with a tax-deductible donation to the 2019 Fall Community Giving Campaign

Your one-time or monthly gift to Friends of SWS supports our children, teachers, and staff beyond the DCPS budget. 

We are asking each family to contribute $200 per child at SWS as a one-time gift, or $20 per month per child, as you are able.

All contributions make a difference, so please give what you are comfortable contributing. 

Your gift helps make possible so many important supports and enhancements at our school:
  • FoodPrints - a well-loved signature program at SWS
  • High-quality learning materials for our classrooms
  • Professional development for staff
  • Learning supports for students
  • Lower adult-to-student ratios
  • Other ways we go beyond our DCPS budget

You can give online by clicking the green Donate Now button above, or by dropping a check or money order at the office with Ms. Shawna.

Your gift enhances our strong academics and Reggio-inspired learning environment, and it inspires more joy, love of learning, and innovation. Thank you for contributing!