Citizens of the World Charter School (Mar Vista)
2017-2018 Annual Give
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Our school needs your support today.

Now, more than ever…
...Our school is helping our children become true Citizens of the World.  And, our CWC mission rings true -- to provide a socioeconomically, culturally, and racially diverse community of students with an intellectually challenging, experiential learning environment that develops each student’s confidence, potential, and individual responsibility.

Why is fundraising important? Isn’t public school free?
  • Every school -- whether public or private -- relies heavily on funds contributed by the parent community to enhance the quality of education for children. 
  • As a charter school, we are faced with a particularly challenging funding gap to meet our school’s basic needs. The amount of government funding provided to charter schools is significantly less than the amount per student that standard public schools receive -- and dramatically less than what is needed to finance the quality of education mandated in our mission. 
  • In fact, CWCMV needs to subsidize each student’s education by approximately $2,000. This funding comes almost exclusively from parent and family contributions. 
  • As our school grows, we face a number of new opportunities and, accordingly, expenses. A larger community and wider spread of grades (with our newly launched Middle School!) requires new systems, more staff, and more curriculum -- and, of course, more funding.

What is asked of parents?
  • To offset the gap, we ask each family to participate in 3 fundraising activities during the year to ensure that we can meet our goals. 
  • Many schools ask for money in small increments multiple times during the school year, which can be overwhelming and confusing for parents.  We will not be selling candy or magazine subscriptions.  And, with the exception of specific materials that teachers may ask parents to contribute occasionally in the classroom, we make every effort to streamline our fundraising activities and to make them meaningful, community-building experiences.

What are the three fundraising events and the expectations?
  • The Annual Give Campaign:
  • This is our first and most important event and requests a direct gift from each family in the fall to help us reach our operational goals for the school year. Parent gifts can also help CWCMV to unlock $50,000 in matching funds that are available to us!
  • Gifts to the Annual Campaign are fully tax-deductible 

What are matching funds?
  • Matching funds have been pledged by anonymous CWCMV donors who will give additional money when certain milestones are hit.  This is done to incentivize participation and giving.  So, the more we give, the more they give -- up to $50,000!  All the funds raised from giving and matching is used to support essential programming that makes our school unique and progressive. 

If 100% of CWCMV families participate in the Annual Give campaign, the school will unlock an additional $5,000 gift! Gifts of all levels are included — 100% participation is the key for this opportunity!

Returning and new families can take advantage of our Tiered Matching Program:
  • $200/month (or $2,400 one-time gift) will unlock an additional $200
  • $300/month (or $3,600 one-time gift) will unlock an additional $300
  • $500/month (or $6,000 one-time gift) will unlock an additional $500
  • $1,000/month (or $12,000 one-time gift) will unlock an additional $1,000
  • All gifts above $12,000 will unlock an additional $2,000

  • Returning families who increase their giving by 20% or more will unlock a dollar-for-dollar match! (e.g. If your family gave $1,000 last year and gives an additional $200, this year, the school will receive an extra $200) 
  • For every dollar above $1,000 given, CWCMV will receive an additional dollar (e.g. If your family gives $1,500, the school will receive an additional $500)

Any amount is valued and critical 
We ask that you participate at a level that feels right to you and your family, keeping in mind how you hold your child’s education among your charitable priorities.  In the past, donation levels have ranged from $10 to $25,000. 

Every single dollar matters  
Consider what you spend on coffee or other simple expenses in the course of a month -- and whether you value your child’s school experience as much as those things. A few dollars a month extra will make a significant impact for CWCMV.

Where do my dollars go?
Funds raised from our parent community provide our children with core programming that reflects our mission:  Academic excellence, diversity, the “whole child” philosophy, social-emotional learning, project-based learning, small student/teacher ratios (Teaching Assistants), and small class sizes. Funds from the Annual Give also provide “add ons” like music, art, PE, Spanish and other activities and programming to enrich the children’s daily experiences. Funds received from the state do not begin to cover these components. We rely on you to make them possible.

Why should I give now?
...Because now, more than ever, we are being called to action, to champion the values that CWC holds dear. 
...Because our children’s education is one of our most important priorities as parents.
...Because our children will be able to make a handprint on our CWC Giving Tree in the first days or weeks of school, taking pride that their families are committed to their community.
...Because helping us reach 100% will unlock a valuable incentive matching grant for CWC.
...Because you will help motivate other parents to follow your lead.
...And because you will be entered to win fabulous prices from our weekly Annual Give raffle!

What are my payment options?
  • Give now right here!  You can select one-time, recurring, or installment options.
  • Bring a check (made out to CWC Mar Vista) or cash to the school office. Email to confirm that your check or cash has been received and recorded.
  • Make a transfer of stock. Please email for instructions.
  • Use the FreshSchools mobile app to process donations, for ease of tracking and instant giving capabilities. We’ll be sharing instructions for how to give via the mobile app shortly.

II. The Walk-A-Thon:  

After the new year, the students plan an on-campus walk-a-thon where they become personally involved in supporting the school by seeking sponsorships from extended family, friends, and their community. Parents are welcome to sponsor their children, but it is not expected.

III. The End-of-Year Party:  

In the spring, the Party is a parents’ night out to celebrate the close of the school year and enjoy food, drinks, music, and community.  There is also a not-to-be-missed silent auction.  Parents seek out to the auction donations and/or bid on them to support the event -- if they choose.

*More information about these events will be provided in the months to come.

Which Fundraising Event Is the Top Priority? 
  • Your Annual Give commitment is the most critical for the financial well-being of the school. If you must choose where to put your funds and your energies, this is the place and now is the time to give.
Who can help me with my gift?
  • We’re here to help make your giving easy and meaningful. For questions, concerns, or assistance with payment options, please email

How else can I help with fundraising?
  • Would your family (grandparents, aunts/uncles, other relatives) or friends like to join you in supporting CWC?  
  • Does your employer have a matching gift program? Ask if they will match your tax-deductible gift to CWC!
  • Volunteers are needed all year long to help with the three fundraising events.  In addition, this year, we are looking for class fundraising liaisons! No experience required.
  • *Please email to learn more about any of these opportunities.

We hope to count you among the first families to step forward with their Annual Give commitments, as we begin the new school year from a place of financial strength.  

On behalf of your children, THANK YOU for your support and generosity.
With gratitude,
The CWCMV Fundraising Team