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CWC Hollywood Annual Family Give 2019-20
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Fundraising Goal 2019-20: $270,000!

All funds that are donated on this site or raised through specific fundraising events at CWC Hollywood go directly to our school.  Our model includes a low student to teacher ratio along with a Teaching Assistant in every class. We also offer music, art, and physical education multiple times a week, an affordable healthy school lunch program, and an after school program until 6pm every day. The benefits are undeniable, but it is expensive to give students what they need!

California ranks near the bottom in terms of per student funding, which means we need to raise the additional funds the state does not cover to sustain our educational model.

Annual Family Gives helps us fill the gaps!

Please make your annual donation by November 1, 2019
The Annual Family Give (AFG) is one of the most important ways you can show your support for our amazing school!! EVERY donation makes a difference. Some families will give more than $5,000, while others may need to dig deep to give $5/month. Maintaining the quality and diversity of our school depends on this shared responsibility.
Please make your Annual Family Give contribution now!

The Cost of Things We Love at CWC… 


What does my contribution support? (Examples)

  • $20,000 or $1,667 month will provide 1 month of Art, Music, P.E.
  • $10,000 or $833 month will provide 5 classrooms with Social Emotional Learning
  • $7,500 or $625 a month will provide 1 year of a working garden
  • $5,000 or $416 a month will provide 1 week of Art, P.E., and Music,
  • $2,500 or $208 a month will provide 3 days of Teaching Associates for the entire school
  • $1,000 or $83 a month will provide 1 classroom with textbooks 
  • $500 or $42 a month will provide 1 day of staff training
  • $250 or $21 a month will provide 1 day of SEL support for all students
  • $100 or $8 a month will provide 2 Music classes
  • $75 or $6 a month will provide 1 Art class
  • $50 or $4 a month will provide 1 Spanish Class