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What is ACH?

Posted By: Nisha R

ACH is a payment method like credit card. FreshSchools allow to make payment by ACH for fundraiser, school store, partybook and enrollments.
If you don’t want ACH payment method, then admin can disable it.

If user make payment by ACH payment method, then processing fee structure is as follow-
1. $1.50 per bank account authorization (only charged one time, assuming bank account is not changed),
2. Stripe fees – 0.8% of amount charged (but capped at $5 per transaction)
3. FreshSchools Fees – 1.0%.

All the above mentioned fee is included/excluded in payment amount depends on the setting done by admin for processing fee.
FreshSchools provide 3 options for charging processing fee on each transaction, they are given below-
Absorb processing fee
Require processing fee
Request processing fee

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