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Get Started with FreshSchools as Staff

Posted By: Nisha R

How to signup as a Staff?

In order to register as a staff, you will need to receive an invite email from the school admin, click on the link in the email and sign up into FreshSchools. If you have not received an invite email yet, please contact school admin.

What are the features which staff can do?

Staff can send email messages to teachers, staff, rosters and students in the school.

Staff members can view events to which they have been invited, as well as sign up to volunteer and supplies.

Staff can create albums and shared with all teachers and all staff. Staff can also see the albums which are shared with them and add photos to them.

Staff can see the documents and can download the folders which are shared with them.

Staff can see the post which are shared with them.

Staff can see the programs offered by the school. They cannot create new enrichment programs or enroll students in them.

Staff can donate to the fundraiser, book a ticket for the event-based fundraiser, as well as make a pledge through credit card or ACH.

If any auction is going in the school, staff can bid for the auction items.

School Store
Staff can buy items from the school store. If any staff has not signed up for the FreshSchools then they can buy item from public school store if school admin has enabled this feature.

Staff can sign up for parties to which they are invited.

Discussion Board
Staff can start discussion with anyone in the school.