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Get Started with FreshSchools as admin

Posted By: Nisha R

How to signup for a new school in FreshSchools?
Click the link below to sign up for a new school in the FreshSchools
FreshSchools automatically assigns you an admin role once you register, which gives you permission to make all the necessary changes.

How to import student and teachers into FreshSchools?
To get started with FreshSchools, firstly you need to import students & teacher data into the FreshSchools.
You can also send the completed file to us and we will import it for you.
For more information, please visit the below link-

How to invite parents & staff to use FreshSchools?
Once the data has been imported into FreshSchools, click the Send invite button on the school directory page and FreshSchools will send an invitation email to all parents with a unique link to sign up.
In the same way, invite teachers and staff from the school directory page.
For more information, please visit the below link – https://www.freshschools.com/learn/administration-and-data-setup/how-do-invite-all-parents-to-signup-into-freshschools/

How to do basic settings for school?
From the school setup page, admins can manage all school settings.
Admin can manage many things from the school setup page, including adding and removing school grades, enabling or disabling room parent features for the school, starting self-registration, early registration, setting up public school stores, managing manager roles, checking school billing, and many other things.

Do I need to configure any bank account for payment related features?
Configure your stripe account with FreshSchools to use the payment related features like – enrichment program, fundraiser, school store, partybook and auction.
For more information, please visit the below link – https://www.freshschools.com/learn/administration-and-data-setup/how-do-i-connect-the-stripe-account-with-freshschools/
Once it is done, you can share the Fundraiser page link with all parents for donation, they can do the payment by Credit Card.

What are features which admin can do in FreshSchools?

Admin can send messages to individual user or any group-all parents, teachers, room parents, staff and classes, committees and programs. FreshSchools allows admins to send SMS messages to users whose mobile number is added.
For more information, please visit the below link –https://www.freshschools.com/learn/communication2/

An admin can create an album and share it with all parents, teachers, room parents, staff and classes. Also, admins can add or remove photos from albums.

School administrators can post school updates and share them with parents, teachers, room parents, staff, and students. Additionally, admins have the ability to modify and delete posts.

Papers & Docs
Admins can create folders and share them with all parents, teachers, room parents, staff and classes. Admins can add and remove documents in folders. Admin can also update and delete the folder.


Admin can create a enrollments program and inform about it to all parents, so that parents can enroll their kids in program. Admin can create coupon for the enrichment.
In case all seats are occupied in program and there are few kids on waitlist, then admin can increase the number of seats and invite the kids on waitlist to attend the program.Admin can also do kids enrollments on behalf of parents via check, cash and credit card payment methods. Admin can also do the refund for the enrollments.
For more information, please visit the below link – https://www.freshschools.com/learn/enrichment/


Admin can create a different type of fundraiser like- simple donation, A-Thon and event based donation.  Once the fundraiser is created and published, admin need to share the donation page public URL with all users in the school, so that they can make donation for it. Admin can also add donation on behalf on users by cash, check and credit card payment method. Admin can 1
For more information, please visit the below link- https://www.freshschools.com/learn/fundraising-and-donations/


School Store
Admin can start online school store, so that student’s can buy essential items online through FreshSchools. A product variant can also be added if the product has multiple variants. Admin can also create coupon for school store.
In addition, The admin can also pay on behalf of parents by check, cash or credit card. Admin can also do the refund for the orders.
For more information, please visit the below link – https://www.freshschools.com/learn/fundraising-and-donations/


Party Book
Admin can organize party for any group, such as all parents, all teachers, all room parents, all staff, and classes. Members of the invited group can sign up for a party through their FreshSchools account. Admin can also refund for the signups. 
For more information, please visit the below link – https://www.freshschools.com/learn/party-book/


The admin can start the auction with multiple items. FreshSchools allows you to create an auction with multiple items. You will be able to upload photos for all the items and add all the necessary information. Admin need to share it with the users and they will be able to place bids on the auction items.
For more information, please visit the below link – https://www.freshschools.com/learn/auctions/


Discussion Board
The admin can initiate a discussion with anyone at the school. Discussions can also be updated, archived or deleted by the admin.


Assign Manager role
Admins can assign manager roles to users for specific features, which grants them full control over the features. FreshSchools has the following managers in the school – Album manager, Folder manager, Enrichment manager, school store manager, fundraiser manager, school directory manager and communication manager.


FreshSchools provide many different types of report for most of the features like – Fundraiser donation transaction report, enrollment report, store order report, auction bid report, party book report, student information missing report, refund report. 
For more information, please visit the below link – https://www.freshschools.com/learn/reports/


Year-end Graduation
Once the school year ends, admin can promote students to next grade in one click. FreshSchools also provide option to carry forward the events, fundraiser and classes.